International cooperation

The project is based on established cooperation of two international partners.  One of them is the Center for Medical Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, a leading Norwegian academic healthcare centre with which we will cooperate in the area of improvement of clinical genetic methods of NGS, syndrome examinations, detection of genetic metabolic disorders and development of molecular cytogenetic and genetic methods of timely prenatal diagnostics, bio informatics and digital phenotype specification of rare diseases.  The NCCRD has long cooperated with the partner in the context of activities of the European Society for Healthcare Genetics ( and the cooperation will continue throughout the period for project sustainability.

The other foreign partner is – "Norwegian Resource Center for Rare Disorders" as the principal governmental expert agency for rare diseases that will cooperate with the NCCRD and CAVO in increasing the awareness of the professional and general public in the area of rare diseases and improvement of detection of these diseases in genetic risk families.  Cooperation with Frambu will be newly established in the context of this project and will continue throughout the project sustainability period.